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Profitable and efficient solutions

IC-Agency offers you a full range of e-marketing solutions to monitor your environment, promote your products, optimize your online actions and protect your brand.

Our solutions can be divided into four main areas:

Ask yourself these questions?

  • How is my brand perceived by people?
  • How do I perfectly target my e-marketing actions?
  • What do bloggers report about my brand?
  • What ambassador should I choose to promote my products?
  • How are my competitors trying to stand out on the Web?

We bring you concrete answers.
Check out our exclusive market research solutions and competitive monitoring:



  • Want to increase your online sales
  • Attempt to attract qualified traffic to your website
  • Want to effectively reach target audiences through the Internet
  • Prepare to launch an international media campaign on the Internet


  • Guarantee your lasting presence through our search engine optimization service search engine optimization
  • Direct the most qualified prospects to your site through sponsored links campaigns sponsored links
  • Plan and implement online advertising campaigns on a national, as well as international level e-advertising


""To get the maximum benefit of your e-Marketing action, it must be continually measured and monitored"

At IC-Agency, we like to show the added value that we bring to you.

Our commitments for ROI:

  • Before launching a marketing action, we evaluate and define the performance indicators that are best suited to your goals
  • We systematically measure the performance of each action implemented, using web analytics solutions
  • We ensure regular monitoring of the actions measured and produce strategic reports, which allow you to make quick and relevant decisions
  • We advise you on the actions and optimizations to implement in order to ensure the success and performance of your Internet strategy
  • We increase your conversion rates through Holistis, our solution optimization and customization website


Do not let others take advantage of your brand equity

You invest time and money on the Internet and in other media to market your brand, forging its credibility and drawing recognition from your target audiences.

On the Internet, your brand equity is living dangerously.

Count on us to take care of your brand:

  • We manage and protect your portfolio of domain names against any attempt at cyber squatting
  • We identify and fight the attempted traffic diversion under your brand in search engines
Want to increase the visibility of your products and services on the Internet?

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