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Campaigns Sponsored Links

Beset by pervasive advertising, your prospects are less and less responsive to advertising messages often too general to attract them in a timely fashion.

The campaigns sponsored links are used to place contextual ads on the search engines, combined with keywords typed by your prospects.

You therefore reach your prospects at the precise moment that they seek your products, and attract highly qualified traffic to your site.

Some Case Examples

On behalf of a bank wishing to reach "people preparing a real estate purchase, aged between 35 and 45 on average, and from the Canton de Vaud," we were able to implement a targeted campaigns sponsored links only seen by the public located in the geographical area covered by our client.

Our intervention has helped to attract highly qualified traffic to the site, and guarantee high conversion rates.


We manage campaigns sponsored links in 19 countries, and in 10 languages, for the same customer.

This centralized management includes comprehensive guarantees including international consistency campaigns, a consolidated and standardized reporting, a comparison of the performance of advertising, the cost of keywords, and a decryption to search habits of Internet users across the world.


Oriented on results, our certified AdWords specialists work tirelessly to optimize the return on investment of CPC campaigns for our clients.

They tend to increase the traffic generated on your site, while decreasing the average cost of keywords.

This Is Our Greatest Strength

  • Using our exclusive market research technology to precisely identify the semantics used by your prospects in each market
  • A dedicated certified Google Adwords professional who analyzes and acts specifically on your campaign to get the optimal cost of prospects acquisition
  • Transparency, with the possibility of following your campaigns on any platform which you are dedicated, and regular reports tailored to your needs
  • Over 5 years experience in international management and multilingual campaigns sponsored links
  • Covering up to 15 of the CPC network's top performers, including Google, Yahoo and Bing
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