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Demand analysis

IC-Agency offers exclusive quantitative market studies solutions by leveraging the Internet, in order to define the real demand of your products.

Developed by our R & D team, this technology probes the billions of requests every day by Internet users across the world.

It allows our customers to precisely identify the semantics used by their target audiences, mapping the intentions they express, and better decipher their target markets.

Some examples from business

Based on proprietary solutions formed by our research and development department, our products and services offering allows our customers to better anticipate the behavior of their target audience to launch highly profitable campaigns, or to improve the commercial efficiency of their Internet activities.


When asked by a brand seeking to identify the best Ambassador to embody their mark, we gave them a full study on the popularity of a series of celebrities in its various target markets.

The chart below has enabled our client to realize that the Indian actress Aishwarya Rai was the most relevant choice to the United Kingdom, whereas she had not been noticed before.


Sample insight delivered to a customer active in the consumer good:

"The Germans have expressed an interest in Indian cuisine. This trend seems to be explained by the constant broadcast of Bollywood films on major television channels in Germany."

Through our study, the client was able to see that their offer available in that country did not cover a growing segment of consumers looking for products that are more "spicy".


Our tools can be easily configured to specifically target your needs. We are able to cover most countries, as well as several languages.

For example, we have worked, and have data, for the following sectors:

  • Tourism
  • Banking and insurance
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Want to know more? Contact us; and we will be happy to help you improve your performance.

This is our greatest strength

  • An innovative, efficient and cost effective approach
  • Exclusive tools rapidly deployable on an international level
  • Results are based on non-bias opinions expressed spontaneously, associated with traditional market research (i.e., "socially acceptable answers")
  • Our ability to identify and map the intentions expressed by your prospects
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