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Strategic consulting

Being a complex media, the Internet operates according to its own rules.

IC-Agency brings its expertise in this field, to develop and refine your strategy.

The main areas of choice in which our experience has been proven are:

  • Setting and adjustment of economic models on the Internet
  • Monetization strategies of content and online services
  • Integration of the Internet into your business
  • Strategies for the promotion and recruiting of customers via the Internet
  • Luxury and Internet
  • Etc.

Some Case Studies

On behalf of a group of international press, we have specified how the identification and authentication of subscribers and members of the press sites should be structured and conducted, to allow for a cross-media approach encompassing all Securities and sites owned by our client.

Our intervention has also included a thorough reflection on how the migration to the new platform should be provided, in order to maximize the chances that they receive the support of end users.


We accompanied a watch manufacturer in conceptualizing and launching its e-commerce platform.

Initiated by a workshop involving the CEO and executives of the company, our intervention has helped to clarify the risks, threats, and opportunities related to the launch of a luxury e-commerce, defining market priorities to target, to identify the best promotion strategy, and resolve legal and logistical issues raised by the execution of the contract of online sales.


We helped a start-up offering a disruptive and innovative application in the mobile telephone field in identifying and segmenting its target audiences.

Based on a psychosocial approach analyzing the behavior of different profiles likely to subscribe to the services of our client, our intervention has resulted in the production of a comprehensive marketing plan that adapted to the needs of different target audiences identified.

This Is Our Greatest Strength

  • Better use of the Internet for all of your marketing
  • Recommendations of strategic figures and operational support to achieve the expected results
  • A team of experts trained in different areas (marketing, law, engineering, physics, psychology), who will provide advice for your strategy
  • The organization and running of workshops in your business in order to ensure the support and participation of the people involved in implementing your strategic projects
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