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Perception Analysis

As a result of the democratization of consumers opinions on the Internet (Consumer Generated Media), millions of messages that reflect the actual perception of a brand, product or service, are published daily on blogs or forums.

These messages are spread around the world in real time and present a non-controlled image of your brand.

IC-Agency has established a web application that enables you to view and analyze those spontaneous conversations.

Some concrete cases

A company active in mobile telephones would like to determine how consumers perceive different models of the smartphone. We were able to provide a detailed decoding of positive and negative attributes collected by Internet users, who have experience with these products.

Our intervention has enabled the company to better understand the concerns, expectations and behavior of its target audience, and adapt its communication accordingly.


An American company that distributes its products at the international level would like to determine whether a problem with one of its products is the subject of special attention in Europe.

We have set up a standby device in 13 European countries. Our intervention has enabled our customer to identify opinion leaders speaking on this issue in order to anticipate the main risks to its reputation in Europe.


A company active in the consumer field has mandated us to provide a constant change in the way in which its products are perceived by consumers through the Internet. Our intervention covers six European markets and takes place in four languages. We also analyze how consumers perceive the two major competitors of our client.

Our intervention enabled our client to monitor developments in the perception of its brand and products, and those of its competitors, by country and by language.

This Is Our Greatest Strength

  • A detailed analysis of the positive and negative opinions expressed in relation to your brand
  • Centralization and archiving of information in a dedicated extranet
  • Dashboards synthesis for quick and informed decision making
  • Recommendations developed by specialists in the marketing and communication field
  • Real-time alerts that allow you to better control the dissemination of information within your company
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