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Search Engine Protection

Brand names are victims of many forms of abuse on the Internet, the first and foremost being the diversion of traffic in search engines.

This practice involves placing of contextual advertising in the search engines using the name of your brand or your products in order to; steal your prospects, get them to buy competing products or replicas, or to provide false information regarding your products and services.

IC-Agency has an exclusive tool that:

  • Protects your brand in the search engines
  • Monitors all keywords related to your brand to identify those who are seeking to hijack your traffic
  • Manages your authorized resellers who want to use your brand name for their own campaigns.

This Is Our Greatest Strength

  • The convergence of all of your prospects on your site
  • Get the maximum benefit of your marketing and reputation
  • A safe and clean image
  • Increased visibility in the search engines
  • Maximizing the return on investment of your campaigns sponsored links

Check Out Our Case Study

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