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IC-Agency is an online marketing consulting firm based in Europe (Switzerland) and North America (Canada).

Since 2000, we have developed a unique know-how that allows us to assist companies wishing to take advantage of the Internet medium.

Although rooted in the reality of interactive marketing, we also anticipate its future.

Based on proprietary solutions formed by our research and development department, our products and services offering allows our customers to better anticipate the behavior of their target audience to launch highly targeted campaigns, or to improve the commercial efficiency of their Internet activities.

What sets us apart:

We contributed to the invention of online marketing. We were among the first to teach it.

Over the years, IC-Agency has handled hundreds of online marketing projects. Our extensive experience enables us today, to think differently, to anticipate, and to know the shortcuts.

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Since the inception of the company, we have sought to create a strong collective capable of facing ambitious challenges.

The performance, diversity, and commitment of our employees has enabled IC-Agency to rise ahead of other agencies when we conduct our annual survey of customer satisfaction.


The partners of IC-Agency are the owners of the company.

Not having to work for external shareholders, we can save our energy every day on creating value for our customers. This provides a solid, flexible, and highly motivated partner to accompany you in the long run.

Interested in learning more? Contact us!

Interested in learning more? Contact us!

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