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Press release

TCS ready to reinforce online visibility

Responding to the needs and expectations of its members and users, Touring Club Suisse (TCS) is now ready to launch its new website  In order to assure its visibility on the Internet, TCS has chosen Geneva-based IC Agency.
“More than 63% of Swiss use the Internet regularly - that’s over 4.6 million persons.  It was critical to amplify our presence on the Net where our publics search for TCS products and services”, according to Yves-Alain Schwaar, Manager of Information Services for TCS.

He adds, “IC Agency presented us a report confirming the increasing demand for many of our flagship activities.  We therefore decided to implement a focused search engine strategy to cover that demand.  Right now our site attracts more than 300’000 unique users, prospects and members who are attracted by services like ‘inforoute’ each month. We plan on increasing this frequency even more.”

Search engines have become an ever-increasingly strategic crossroads for all companies. Google’s boom in turnover is a direct result of this trend.

For Rene Glaus, Project Manager at IC-Agency, “Consumers are becoming more and more autonomous, by searching and accessing information by themselves prior to making purchasing decisions.  It is crucial for companies to take advantage of this opportunity, by promoting their unique product benefits, services, and reputation.

IC-Agency has designed search optimization in 3 languages, with the objective of increasing TCS’ visibility in the primary listings of major search engines as a function of key competitive search criteria.

Internet visibility can come at a surprising cost. For example, in the automotive sector in Switzerland, advertisers pay up to 7 CHF per click (PPC) to attract prospects to their site.  In other mature markets such as the UK, these PPC fees can even exceed 20CHF.

IC Agency therefore proposed a focused yet cost-effective approach for TCS.

Rene Glaus details the IC-Agency’s approach, “Our objective was to avoid entering into the PPC auction ‘game’ by focusing on consistent success in organic results instead of basing our strategy on sponsored links.  Organic results are the true stable motors of short, medium and long-term visibility”.

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