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Press release

Raymond Weil uses IC-Agency e-Research to measure international advertising campaign effectiveness

If someone asked you to keep an eye on a stunningly beautiful and glamorous woman, you would probably jump at the offer.  And if the mission involved finding out what people are saying about her free-spirited personality and what kind of people emulate her trend-setting style, that would probably make the mission even more attractive.

The visionaries at RAYMOND WEIL have mandated Geneva-based Internet intelligence firm IC-Agency to take on such a mission.  Launching a new advertising campaign featuring Charlize Theron entitled “Shine by RAYMOND WEIL”, the luxury watch manufacturer has selected an Oscar-winning actress to showcase its innovative women’s line.  With the film debut of “North Country”, they want to know how increased publicity for this new Brand ambassador will impact their own Brand and product notoriety.
This unprecedented move to harness Internet capabilities to know more about customers as they react to the Brand’s marketing efforts shows that RAYMOND WEIL has gone far beyond competing firms in the luxury industry. By partnering with IC-Agency they will not only access precious customer insights, but will also be able to optimize their campaign investment.

To measure and track the evolution of the campaign and response to their Brand ambassador in a very short period of time, the Geneva watchmaker will benefit from both IC-DemandTracker™ quantitative research and IC-Insights™ qualitative reporting technologies. For Olivier Bernheim, President and CEO: “RAYMOND WEIL is fully committed to exploiting the latest e-research technologies to measure advertising impact and track customer insights. Our key objective is to systematically increase effectiveness and gain customer feedback at the same time.”

“We will help RAYMOND WEIL to continually monitor the evolution of Charlize Theron’s notoriety in each key market, while measuring demand for specific Shine watch models as well as interest for the Brand” indicates Claudia de Pretto, eLuxury Specialist at IC-Agency. “Our client will be able to know on a country-to-country basis which phases of the campaign generate maximum online response, and those which necessitate increased advertising pressure.  This worldwide monitoring is piloted and carried out in our Geneva office with the unique technological expertise of our Canadian R&D team”.
 Flavio Quaranta, Managing Partner at IC-Agency Canada adds, “We are pleased to see that an independent luxury watch maker like RAYMOND WEIL has chosen to benefit from our FMCG-tested customer insight, media optimization and reputation management innovations”.

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