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Case study: e-advertising

Many online trading platforms have been created in the past few years in Switzerland.

To gain visibility, increase brand awareness for e-Sider and attract new clients, BCV decided to launch an online advertising campaign.

By the end of the year, web portals are packed with advertising promoting products directly linked to Christmas time spending.

Getting noticed during this extremely competitive season as well as standing out from your competition’s campaigns using the same medium presented a serious challenge.


  • Increase brand awareness for E-Sider, online trading platform from BCV
  • Collect leads and new clients having an interest in online financial investments and the stock market, from beginning traders to the most demanding


Six steps are included in the online advertising campaign management all which have the objective of optimizing return on investment.

1. Concept

At this step, IC-Agency concentrates on the campaign’s ROI by instating a concept that will lead to a maximal return:

Advertising concepts that follow e-Marketing mechanisms and reduce the cost of acquiring leads, such as a viral effect or the offer of an incentive.

2. Media plan

The choice of portals was the result of many considerations:

  • Reaching specific, targeted, local clientele by the BCV
  • Choosing sites that correspond with the brand image of the BCV
  • A strong performance from the portals in the French part of Switzerland in terms of conversion rates, click predictions and ROI

IC-Agency’s dual-sector banking and e-advertising expertise lead to the best choice of portals for this campaign.

3. Choice of formats

Banner format strongly influences the success of a campaign. A happy medium must found between a high-impacting format that gets the target audience’s attention and a format too intrusive that will create a negative impact on the campaign and the brand’s image.

Format selection was based on the estimated click through rate (CTR) as well as the impact on brand awareness that will be brought to the platform.

4. Negociation

Good relations between different national and international portals allowed IC-Agency to get good results concerning negotiations.

For this campaign, the negotiations allowed, depending on the portal, savings ranging from 5% to up to 65% on the CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) and up to 50% additional impressions. Overall, the negotiations resulted in savings of 51%.

5. Campaign management and optimization

The Internet offers the flexibility that allows for continuous optimization on placement, formats, daily impressions, scheduling and capping (number of times one person will see the ad) and much more.
During the course of the campaign, IC-Agency followed the impressions and clickthrough rate from each portal. When the statistics revealed an opportunity for optimization, IC-Agency contacted the portals to refine the campaign and maintain the best results possible.
This outsourced campaign management service allowed the client to concentrate on more strategic tasks.

6. The reporting

A complete report at the end of the campaign was presented at the BCV offices allowing the client to clearly identify the return from the campaign and the meeting of its objectives.


  • The results validated the media strategy used, that of investing in expanding formats that, however more expensive by CPM, prove to be an efficient method to generate click volume and therefore offers a better ROI
  • Prices negotiated by IC-Agency lead to great savings in media purchasing all the while guaranteeing opportune targeting for the campaign. Its important to point out that the average cost of rich media banners became even lower than that of simpler banners.

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